Monday, June 30, 2008

Sepi the movie

Another product from Kabir Bhatia but with a slightly different 'take' on life, love and loneliness.
Although not as riveting as Cinta, Sepi's plot has its own twists and turns that made the audience sit up and made sense of some of its scenes.
In a nutshell, it is a narrative of three people's lives that intersected at one fateful moment and unravelled from then on.
Adam, a chef, realised that he should marry the woman he loves rather than settle for the one who loves him; Sufi, a shoe maker, ran from the memories that haunted him to a destiny denied; and Imaan, a playwright, woke from a coma to bid farewell to her past and greet her future.
Syed Hussein as Ean was convincing as the persistent suitor to Baizura Kahar's feisty Imaan while Pierre Andre's Khalif was a self-effacing 'phantom' who was jealous of her new relationship yet not bold enough to stake his claim.
Muhammad Riefqie's Ashraff was credible as a grieving yet discerning child.


Jorji said...

promo dia kat TV tak membuatkan orang yg memandang sinis film melayu nak datang ke panggung.

promo mcm film indon jer..atau..mcm film sedih jer..

yelah..kalau dah ada minda memperlecehkan film melayu,macam tu la.semua salah.


BaitiBadarudin said...

kalau kita boleh sokong filem barat/'asing', kenapa tidak filem tempatan?
kalau terpaksa guna pendekatan Indon untuk promo filem Melayu, asal berkesan apa salahnya?
bagi penyokong kepelbagaian budaya ("multiplicity of cultures") seperti saya, setiap RM11 yang dibelanjakan dapat juga membantu ekonomi negara

Amir Fuad said...

Hi Aunty Bet!

I have not watched Sepi.

But I watched Cinta and I thought it was good - easily the best post-P.Ramlee era Malay film.

BTW, I am related to you! Nice blog!


BaitiBadarudin said...

Alamak, should have kept that nick and stayed in the closet. Anyways, thanks for leaving a comment and hope u guys are doing fine!